Low-Floor City Bus Powered 2 Stage Ramp 2nd Generation

Low-Floor City Bus Powered 2 Stage Ramp 2nd Generation

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PSV Two Stage Full Electric Fixed Floor Powered Access Ramp 2nd Generation

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This two stage ramp draws upon strengths of the first generation PSV two stage telescopic powered ramp. It has a no step ‘Single Plain’ between boards which results in a reduced weight when compared to other market alternatives.

We introduced the fully electric two stage ramp to give operators the same maintenance benefits of our single stage ramp whilst decreasing the ramp operating angle for wheelchair users.

Like the first generation ramp, this Telescopic Powered Ramp is designed with a sacrificial front edge which aids in reducing impact damage. New to the second generation ramp is a redesigned flap and seal which further reduces dirt and water ingress.

The top of the ramp is now flat for easier installation. We have also added plastic self-lubricating sliders to further reduce the maintenance requirement.

  • Two Stage
  • Draws upon strength of existing PSV Ramps
  • No step 'Single Plain' between boards

Key Features:

  • Conforms to current UK and EU regulations
  • To suit 250mm-270mm step height dependent on chassis type
  • Fixed floor design
  • Reduced weight vs market alternatives
  • Low upstanding threshold
  • Cassette style design
  • Multiplex Compatible
  • Fully Electric
  • Single Motor
  • Manual deployment in the event of power failure
  • Easy retrofit
  • Safe working load 300kg, Proof Tested to 450kg
  • Non corrosive components
  • Aluminium board
  • Quick change sacrificial front edge
  • Quick change sacrificial front edge with upgrade flap and seal
  • Self Lubricating Sliders
  • Front accessible fittings for easy cassette removal
  • Direct drive deployment mechanism

Safety Features:

  • Audible warning
  • Sensing leading edge
  • Sensing down force
  • Safety interlock

Key Benefits:

  • Simple removal of ramp cassette without affecting vehicle floor
  • Flat cassette design for ease of installation
  • Under 10 minutes to remove a ramp
  • Electric Powered alleviating pneumatic control problems
  • Simplified design with minimal moving components
  • Low power consumption
  • Installation requires no chassis modification
  • Sacrificial front edge reduces impact damage
  • Direct Drive mechanism means no adjustment is required