Design and Development

All of our products are designed with both the user and the operator in mind and are offered with unrivalled backup and support as you would expect from an established aftermarket operation.

Our powered ramps have been engineered with less moving parts and are fully electric meaning less maintenance, less vehicle downtime and lower aftermarket costs. Our 2 stage powered ramp is the only fully electric ramp to meet Transport for London’s guidelines for a one metre extension when fully deployed giving an improved user experience without compromising ease of maintenance.

Since beginning our program of new product development we have looked for innovation wherever possible. Due to the nature of powered ramps and their position on buses they are often subject to impact damage. One of our first innovations was to introduce a sacrificial front edge on our telescopic ramps. This often takes the force of any impact and can be replaced simply whist saving the rest of the ramp.

Our manual ramps draw on the strengths of past DSG group ramps whilst addressing weaknesses and developing to meet changing laws and regulations. Previous bungee handle ramps were manufactured with metal cassette and moving top board. Our ramps use a steel cassette and composite top board to offer increased reliability and reduced weight.