PSV Ramps is the wheelchair access division of PSV Transport Systems Ltd. Established in 1994, PSV is a leading parts and service provider to the UK Bus and Coach Industry. Since our formation we have worked hard to establish links with OE manufacturers and suppliers in order to remain at the forefront of technological advances in the industry.

As part of our aftermarket operation we were service and aftermarket agents for the DSG group (Deans Systems and Peters Door Systems). DSG group were the leading doors and low-floor wheelchair access systems provider in the UK and exported their products around the World. Following the collapse of the company in 2010 PSV purchased the intellectual property. With our extensive knowledge of the Deans and Peters products and with experience of all other ramp types in the market we saw an opportunity to improve on the portfolio of products and started a campaign of new product development whilst continuing to support the existing range in the aftermarket.

Following the acquisition the first of our in-house designed powered access products went into service in late 2010. This product with some minor modification would eventually go on and in 2012 become the specified ramp for the New Bus for London. The fully electric single board ramp utilised a drop floor section. When the Mk2 version of the bus was introduced without a drop floor the ramp was exchanged for our fully electric fixed floor two board ramp. This ramp is now specified routinely on bus orders from operators across London.

Since their introduction in 2010, over 2000 powered ramps have gone into operation in the UK and Ireland both on new buses and as retrofit replacements.

For operators outside of London where a powered ramp is often not a requirement our manual ramps are often installed. Our ramps use an improved and strengthened version of the original DSG pull cord handle which became popular because of its adherence to manual handling regulations. The latest iteration of the ramp has been specified by operators across the UK and Ireland and has been installed as OE equipment by Wrightbus, Alecander Dennis, Optare and MCV.

Our history as an aftermarket parts and service provider has placed us in a unique position of understanding when offering support and backup for our systems.