Low-Floor City Bus Optare Specified Manual Ramp

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PSV Optare Specified Manual Ramp

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This ramp was developed specifically for use on Optare vehicles that feature a ‘kinked’ floor. The design of the ramp allows both the moving member and the cassette to follow the shape of the floor.

Following a successful trial, PSV ramps were specified on every new bus ordered by a leading UK operator. Because of the unique floor on some Optare vehicles the standard PSV product was not compatible. The ramp is a good example of the custom operator and bus builder requirements that PSV are able to work with.

The ramp is vehicle specific but is a good demonstration of the design and production capabilities of PSV.

Key Features

  • Conforms to current UK and EU Regulations
  • Cassette style design
  • ‘Kinked’ design to allow integral floor
  • Safe working load 300Kg
  • Fully retractable bungee style handle
  • Light-weight construction
  • Concealed maintenance free pivots
  • Posture friendly deployment
  • Can be manufactured in a range of sizes to suit step height

Key Benefits

  • Lighter than existing market alternatives
  • Strong, robust, metal frame
  • Avoids splintering associated with other composite boards
  • Impact damage resistant

Safety Features

  • Safety interlock
  • High visibility edges
  • Anti-slip surface